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Become one of the NINETY NINE!

As a college coach, I routinely receive information from club programs about the number of "D1 athletes" their programs create. However, when I started the iM3 Lacrosse program in 2016, only 1% of all high school players advanced to the Division 1 level and the average scholarship for a Division 1 lacrosse player was approximately $12,000.​ For most schools, that's less than​ a quarter scholarship. I believe this misleading marketing approach has caused many parents and players to choose club programs under false pretense. As a Club Director, I knew that I would not incorporate the same common theme sold to parents and players by other clubs. I made a commitment that selling the 1% would not be the emphasis of iM3 Lacrosse. 

At iM3 Lacrosse, we believe in the '99'. Ninety Nine is on our apparel, and we break every huddle with a '99' chant. What does it mean? Ninety Nine means that iM3 Lacrosse is not focused solely on the 1% of our players. This doesn't mean that we will not foster and develop Division 1 lacrosse players. On the contrary, the iM3 Lacrosse program and coaching staff will work with every player to grow to their greatest potential and fulfill their dreams by playing lacrosse at the Division 1, 2 and 3 levels. Focusing on the '99' allows us at iM3 Lacrosse to provide
every player with the optimal club experience.

I hope you'll join us ... NINETY NINE!